Tim Purkiss

Tim grew up in Orillia, but is currently living in Toronto.  He graduated with honours from Bryan College’s fast track program.  Tim enjoys teaching his patients about stretching and strengthening to improve their health in between massage treatments. He has developed a good awareness of the therapeutic and recovery needs of his patients, from a lighter relaxation massage to deep tissue work.  He works with a broad range of patients from athletes, industry workers, to persons with a wide range of physical conditions.

Tim has a background as an athlete in various sports; competitive football, rugby, and currently participates in competitive lifting.  This has allowed him to be more empathetic to his patient’s needs, and their injuries, as well as aiding in providing a more successful treatment.

As he is new to the profession and extremely enthusiastic about learning new techniques, he is constantly expanding his skill set.

However, in his spare time Tim enjoys:

  • Team sports and competitive lifting

  • Listening to music

  • New food experiences

  • Preparing coffee and foam art as a barista

  • Spending time with his family and friends