Structural Integration

Nonalignment can be caused by muscle tension, imbalance in opposing muscles, injury, repetitive strain, etc. All of these factors play a part in pulling parts of your body out of alignment. Over time, those parts stay where they have been pulled which causes further stress to the body and can eventually lead to chronic issues.

Through the ten sessions of Structural Integration we focus on one specific area during each session, unwinding the body step by step. This type of work is based on a similar approach that Rolfers* use, but with added osteopathic and advanced massage therapy techniques.

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The success rate of eliminating chronic conditions with Structural Integration is about 80 -90%. It is said that after you have been taken through the ten sessions your body is capable of holding this corrected posture for up to five years. While some maintenance will be required (mostly due to everyday stresses e.g. work and everyday posture), the length of time between visits will be extended, therefore costing you less in the long run.

*Rolfers are practitioners that practice Rolfing. Rolfing is the manipulation of the body’s deep connective tissues for structural alignment, with the use of deep muscle massage and is intended to serve as both a physical and emotional release.

Upon booking, please indicate your interest in this type of treatment.  Thank you!