Reiki is an energy-based modality that deals with harmonizing one’s energy and internal balance through the laying of hands. Reiki energy comes from the universal life force energy that surrounds us all. Neutral in nature, it is an extremely powerful healing energy when properly utilized. By simply placing one’s hands on oneself or another, the energy first fills the practitioner, then flows out through their hands and into the patient’s body. When this pure energy is combined with the sincere desire of the patient to heal and to effect a cleansing within their emotional, spiritual and physical consciousness, a total healing can occur. Keeping in mind that the energy of the universe is neutral, the reiki practioner plays an instrumental part in positively facilitating the energy to aid the patient’s body to heal itself.

The goal of a reiki treatment is to re-establish normal energy flow, which has been disrupted by stress on the body. The reiki practitioner encourages the flow of energy to enhance and accelerate the body’s own healing process by utilizing the universal life force energy and can help a patient feel:

  • More relaxed

  • More balanced

  • Less or no pain

  • More aware

  • Able to fall asleep quicker

  • More ease of movement

  • Less stressed

Reiki does not interfere or conflict with other healthcare or traditional medical treatments. In many cases it actually enhances their results and proves as an excellent co-treatment.

Upon booking, please indicate your interest in this type of treatment.  Thank you!